no name 7.62×39 brass 20rd


20 rounds in a plastic resealable bag

123 grain

full metal jacket round

lead/antimony core

new manufacture

In stock

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  Round length maximum [mm] 55.8
Bullet lengt hmaximum [mm] 22.5
Case length, maximum 38.7
Round weight [g]                      approx. 17.0
Bullet weight [g] 8.0±0.10
  Type spherical double base propellant
Weight [g] 1.60 –  1.70
  Velocity at 24m, 21±2°C,
standard proof barrel of 600 mm length
[m/s] 700±10
Maximum pressureaverage, 21±2°C, standard
proof barrel by CIP
[bar] ::.2800
Precisiontarget at 100mstandard proof barrel
of 600 mm length average mean radius
[mm] ::.40
Operating temperature [QC] -54 to +52
Storage temperature [QC] -15 to +35
Bullet extraction force, average [N] min 300
Waterproofness Cartridges are waterproof
(bubbles test)
Functioning Cartridges function all specified
weapons without casualty at ambient temperatures, at -54°C
and +52°C
Shelf life under storage conditions, minimum, years 15
  Case Material Brass 70/30
Material Brass 90/10 (gilding metal)
Core Material Lead/Antimony alloy
Type, model Boxer type, non-corrosive, (1)5.LR


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